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Can soccer magazines, books, and videos improve your game?

By Robert B.

Whether you're an avid player, or just enjoy the game occasionally, soccer magazines, books, and videos can help you get your soccer "fix" when you're not on the field.

The best magazines include international news, trades, matches, and results. Look for new tips to improve your game and abilities in every issue. If you're a coach pay particular attention to the advice, these magazines are packed with useful tips and techniques. I personally prefer magazines over books because they are more up-to-date and offer more modern advice. But by all means, read whatever you enjoy the most!

Soccer books, training or biographies, are a great way to get in the head of some of the best soccer coaches and players of all time. These books often offer insights to the thought process of the greatest playmakers of all time.

Another training media to consider are soccer videos. Although not all training videos are enjoyable, there are many video tapes and DVD's available of the greatest games and plays in the history of soccer! How's that for learning from the pros!

Regardless of whether you use some or all of these soccer magazines, books, or videos, you'll be sure to come back with new things to try and techniques to learn!

Soccer Magazines

The Soccer Source -
Great soccer magazine written as a guide for parents, youth players, and coaches alike.

Soccer Digest -
A smaller soccer magazine that covers everything in the USA and MLS.

Soccer Italia -
English language soccer magazine covering the Italian soccer scene. Great advice and tips.


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