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Can you become as good as the goalkeeper Ashlee Mason?

By Robert B.

Every goalkeeper has their role model, from local college stars, to USA team professionals. But have you heard of the goalkeeper Ashlee Mason? She’s a University of Utah player with plenty of honorary teams and awards to fill up a room!

So, maybe someday you dream of being as good as Ashlee Mason? It’s not hard, but the journey won’t be easy. Here are some soccer goalkeeping training tips that you must practice, practice, and practice some more!

  • Attend soccer goalie training camps whether you’re from Philadelphia or you’re Australian! These camps are essential to picking up skills that normal soccer coaches are deficient in. Generally they are taught by college coaches and goalkeepers, so you’re certain to get great hands on training. Check with your local universities and colleges for camps.

  • Buying good equipment is another plus! A good goalie jersey with padding can lessen the sting of shots and keep your body from getting skinned up when diving. Also finger saver gloves are a must to prevent your fingers from being broken. The Adidas fingersave ultra titanium goalie gloves are a good place to start!

  • Avoid injuries, especially soccer goal post injuries. No injury besides a collision with a goalpost can be more painful. You must also learn how to protect yourself from other players when you go up for the ball, such as extending your knee in front of your chest.

Those are just a few ideas on how you can better yourself as a goalie. And who knows, maybe you’ll turnout like the goalkeeper Ashlee Mason!

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