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Keep warm on the field with Diadora, Kappa, or Fila suits!

By Robert B.

Whether you’re a starter or a reserve player, you should definitely have Adidas, Diadora, Kappa, or Fila suits! Their two piece warmup suits not only look great, but keep you from getting hurt. Ok, you might be asking how a warm up can prevent you from getting hurt. Let me explain.

Why do you stretch before and after a game? Well, why should you stretch? This is the easiest way to get your muscles loose and warm. Before you start running around, your muscles are tight against your bones. Any sudden movements could pull them off, giving you a feeling of a pulled muscle. Stretching them before any significant activity helps to prevent these injuries.

Once you stop warming up, if you don’t actively play, then your muscles will begin to tighten again. By wearing a Diadora, Kappa, or Fila warmup suit, you’ll keep your muscles even warmer, making it less likely for you to pull a muscle. After all, we all know what a bad muscle strain feels like. Why not avoid one if you can?

In my experiences, the cotton warmup suits are more comfortable and better at keeping you warm than the nylon “windbreaker” style suits. Whatever you decide, Fila, Kappa, and Diadora are all great choices!

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