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California North (cal north) goalkeepers are among the best!

By Robert B.

Have you heard about cal north goalkeepers? Maybe you live on the east coast or donít follow west coast soccer, thatís alright. Goalies from the California North soccer program are always among the best of their peers, and itís not by luck. These goalies train, train, and train some more. And when you think theyíve finished training, they do some more!

Great goalies arenít born, they are made. But there are things you can easily do to become a great goalie, such as Ashlee Mason or other cal north goalies. Hereís a short list of things you should start with.

  • Learn good soccer goalkeeping training by attending camps. Many local universities and colleges offer great soccer camps, generally taught by college goalies that know what theyíre talking about! If youíre feeling adventurous, you can look for an Australian goalkeepers academy or even one in Philadelphia. This way you can get your vacation and soccer camp done at once!

  • Training year round is a necessity to become better than your competition. Make sure your preseason soccer training program includes conditioning, endurance, and some moderate weight training.

  • Although Iím mentioning this last, it is by no means the least important. Good goalies use good equipment. Period. The best keeper jerseys have pads to protect you when diving on the ground. They also keep you cool and dry with excellent ventilation built into the fabric. A good set of gloves is another must, preferably with finger saver technology to protect your hands. Some good ones are Adidas finger save ultra titanium gloves.

Even if you only implement one of these tips, youíll be sure to see an improvement of your game. Who knows, you might just become better than Cal North goalkeepers!

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