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If you live in Australia you must attend an Australian goalkeepers academy!

By Robert B.

The key to becoming a better goalie is to train, train, and train some more! While field players wonít admit it, the goalie is the most physical intensive job on the soccer field. Goalkeepers just jump among charging players during a corner kick, and battle for the ball on a breakaway. Anyone who lives in Australia, or is interested in visiting it, should definitely check out an Australian goalkeepers academy!

What should you look for in a good goalkeepers academy, whether itís in Australia, Philadelphia, or even north California?

  • Goalkeepers must have a good balance of training. Look for camps that not only focus on goalie skills, but soccer endurance training and soccer conditioning training.

  • You must learn how to avoid injuries. There are techniques every goalie should learn to avoid soccer goal post injuries, or collisions with other players.

  • Lastly, a good goalkeepers camp must teach communication skills. The goalie is generally considered the leader of the team, telling players to cover free men or to move up. Every keeper should be vocal, not shy!

No goalie is born perfect, which is why you should continually be training and practicing. If your from Australia I highly recommend that you check out some Australian goalkeepers academies to become the best you can be!

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