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Diadora, maker of Diadora warmup suits, back the Mvela Golden soccer league

By Robert B.

In light of recent controversy, the Mvela Golden soccer league of South Africa has a new sponsor. Diadora, the manufacturer of their Diadora warmup suits and interno jackets, has been named the official sponsor of the Mvela Golden League.

Formerly known as the First Division League, the Mvela Golden Soccer league has been peppered with incidents in the past. There have been over 17 arrests of referees for attempting to fix games, with more arrests planned to followed. Apparently money was being paid under the table at the attempt of fixing the games. All 18 teams are currently being investigated.

With the support of Diadora, the league hopes to over come past problems and give the public in South Africa an authentic soccer experience. Diadora, a sports manufacturer based in Italy, is continually expanding its product line to please soccer enthusiasts world wide. Their primary products include their Diadora warmup suits, interno jackets, jerseys, shorts, and many other soccer supplies.

Whether you’re a soccer veteran, or beginner, you should definitely give Diadora products a good luck. They are considered “top notch” around the world, and receive plenty of recognition. This recent contract to sponsor an entire league just goes to show you how involved this organization is! We definitely know the Mvela Golden soccer league will be outfitted with Diadora warmups and interno jackets next season!

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