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Diadora Old Time vs. the Adidas Roteiro - Which decreases your soccer balls accuracy?

By Robert B.

Two of the best soccer balls currently on the market are the Adidas Roteiro and the Diadora Old Time. Both of these soccer balls have excellent craftsmanship, but they also have their benefits and flaws.

The Diadora Old Time is an 18 panel ball that is hand sewn. It is available in size 5 regulation size, too. The ball is white for easy visibility out on the field. Depending on where you purchase it, it can be found for $30 to $40.

The Adidas Roteiro is a newer soccer ball by Adidas for about the same price as the Diadora soccer ball above. It is constructed out of 32 panels or scuff resistant material. It has a latex bladder for extra softness. This ball is the first not to be hand sewn; It is thermally sealed! This ball is drawing some criticism from the professionals, though.

If youíre not aware, the Adidas Roteiro is the official soccer ball of World Cup 2004. Some players claim its silver color makes it harder to see when compared to a white soccer ball. They also claim that because the ball is thermally sealed, it has a more unpredictable flight, wrecking havoc on long passes and goalies during shots. This decrease in the soccer balls accuracy is what the proís donít like about it.

In addition, there is a special World Cup edition of this Roteiro ball available, but it is at least $100 more expensive than the generic model.

Both the Diadora Old Time and Adidas Roteiro are great soccer balls. Which you decide, is ultimately up to you, but the Diadora ball has received more use without complaints by other players.

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