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Which to select; Diadora, Kappa, or Fila jackets?

By Robert B.

When it comes to purchasing jackets or warmup suits for soccer or any other sport, the top brands are easily Diadora, Kappa, and Fila. Their jackets are affordable, great quality, and look good! But before you go buying warmup suits for your team or just yourself, there are a couple factors you should consider so that you get the most bang for your buck.

First, on any coach’s mind, is the price. In general, Fila, Kappa, Diadora, and Adidas all of reasonably priced suits. Once you narrow down your choices to the features that you want, definitely give the price a look. While a $10 difference in price per suit may not see like a huge difference, when you’re buying them for an entire team, that could be an extra couple hundred dollars. A relatively easy solution to this dilemma is to ask the players if they’d prefer the more expensive suits to pay the difference.

Next thing to look at is the warmup suit or jacket material. Most suits come in either water-resistant nylon, like a windbreaker, cotton, or fleece. While the nylon seems good because it’s water-resistant, you’ll still get wet if there’s a downpour, and they like to snag and tear easily, too. Cotton warmup jackets by Diadora, Kappa, and Fila tend to be the best because they are somewhat water-resistant (aren’t all clothes?) and they are durable enough not to tear easily.

Once you pick those two, all you have left is the color! Just make sure you get your school colors and you’ll be fine! Regardless of what you decide, you’ll look great on the field with new Diadora, Kappa, or Fila jackets / warmup.

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