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Keep warm on the field, or bench, with an Adidas mundial women's soccer warmup

By Robert B.

So youíve got the Adidas womens soccer shoes, team jerseys, and even socks. But whatís missing from your Adidas soccer set? An Adidas soccer warm up!

While there are many new models of warm ups produced by Adidas every year, my favorite has always been the Mundial. But besides good looks, what is a warmup good for, really?

Well, more and more players are realizing that the warmer their muscles are, even on hot days, the less likely they are to have an injury out on the field. Besides stretching before and after a game, a soccer warmup should be part of everyoneís injury prevention strategies.

What are some other things you can add to your Adidas womenís soccer warmup? There is plenty of gear out there, after all, Adidas is the number two sports equipment manufacturer in the world. The last clothing item you should check out are Adidas sandles, or slides. These are great for wearing after the game because their easy on your tired, ache, and sweaty feet! Also, donít forget to look at Adidas soccer balls. Their new Roteiro ball is getting good and bad reviews by the pros, but itís definitely worth checking out.

And finally , good luck on the field! Who knows, maybe youíll be the next Mia Hamm!

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