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Donít lose your gear with an Adidas soccer team backpack

By Robert B.

No Adidas soccer set should be without an Adidas soccer team backpack. Period. And with all of the newest additions of backpacks that Adidas has released, what are you waiting for?

The average soccer player carries an overwhelming amount of supplies, even more so for older players when compared to younger players. Some things that should always be found in a soccer backpack include:

  • Soccer cleats (Adidas predator pulse soccer cleats)
  • Running shoes (Diadora mythos 300da)
  • Shin guards (Lotto shin guards)
  • Medical tape or a Nike shin guards sleeve
  • Water and/or Gatorade
  • Soccer ball
  • And the list goes on forever!

No one wants to carry all of this equipment by hand! The Adidas backpacks and duffle bags are a great way to store and organize all of your soccer equipment. Plus, they look great all in a row by your bench on the game field.

Some of the most current models by Adidas include the Copa Soccer Backpack, Chile Bag, and the Santiago III team bag. They are also available in a variety of colors, primarily black, red, and blue.

Whether youíre a coach, player, or parent, Adidas soccer team backpacks are great for storing gear so it doesnít get lost, and they look great on the field too!

Also see equipment for soccer youth .

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