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By Robert B.

Adidas is well known worldwide for producing quality soccer gear. Heck, theyíre the number two manufacturer of sporting equipment in the world! If you want an Adidas soccer set, what all should you include?

Well, this can easily be classified into two categories, clothing and accessories.

First, the clothes that should be a part of Adidas soccer team jerseys:

  • Adidas soccer shorts ( jocks) - This includes the shorts youíll wear for your practices and/or games. Try to avoid white or other light colors as they easily stain and are see-through.

  • Soccer jerseys & shirts - Naturally, any uniform should have a matching jersey! An Adidas youth santos soccer jersey is gaining popularity among young soccer players!

  • Socks - Donít forget your Adidas socks, with a few horizontal stripes and the official logo.

  • Cleats (boots) - They are well known for their cleats, such as the adidas dx-3 soccer cleats, f-50 soccer shoes, and predator pulse soccer cleats. I highly recommend Adidas soccer cleats for kids because they can take all of the abuse you can throw at them! Donít forget the slides for airing out your feet after the game!

  • Warmups - What team would have a complete Adidas soccer set without warmups? Among their best well known ones include the Adidas mundial women's soccer warmup. These are also available for men, too.

A few accessories for your Adidas soccer set should include an Adidas soccer backpack for the team players and soccer balls (such as the new Adidas Roteiro). There are plenty other accessories and clothes to consider in your soccer set, but these should be plenty to get you started!

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