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How to select the best Adidas soccer shorts or jocks for you

By Robert B.

Not all soccer shorts are made equal! And to top that off, soccer shorts are different than soccer jocks. Adidas manufacturers both, but depending where you live and play, you may need Adidas soccer shorts or jocks.

Soccer jocks are much smaller and tighter than traditional soccer shorts, and some even lace up the front. Naturally, most people know what soccer shorts look like, so I won’t discuss it here.

Now before you go selecting a pair of shorts or jocks, first consider which you’d be more comfortable playing in. Some players even wear their Adidas soccer jocks underneath their soccer shorts.

As for the minor details to consider in shorts, these include the color, size, drawstring, and material.

  • Try to avoid white or other light colors because these are generally see-through and stain easily.

  • Avoid soccer shorts that hang below your knees. These will only trip you up and slow you down out on the field.

  • Look for shorts with the drawstring that goes completely through the shorts and does not attach to them. The style that attaches to the shorts may rip of and become useless.

  • And lastly, look for soccer shorts or jocks made of breathable material so that they keep you dry and cool.

Once you’ve got your Adidas soccer shorts or jocks, you should complete the Adidas soccer set! Don’t forget your jerseys, socks, bags, and even Adidas predator pulse soccer shoes.

And good luck out on the field!

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