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A new Adidas predator soccer boot has been released!

By Robert B.

Adidas has done it again with a new and improved Adidas predator soccer boot, code named the “Pulse.” Yes, the Adidas predator soccer cleat has been around for a while, but how is the Pulse different from the older models?

I’m glad you asked, here are some of the features Adidas is currently providing about this new soccer boot:

  • Intelligent weight distribution - Adidas designed this cleat to have most of the weight at the toe half of the cleat, allowing for more mass to come in direct contact with the ball.

  • Heel counter - Added for extra support of the Achilles tendon and overall comfort.

  • Loop lacing - This feature on the predator soccer boot is different than most other cleats because the lacing is offset to provide the best kicking area.

  • Leather - Kangaroo leather provides a soft and durable kicking surface.

As you can tell, these new Adidas predator pulse soccer cleats are greatly improved to help you perform better on the game field! The most interesting features, by far, is the new intelligent weight distribution and offset lacing.

On a side note, you may be interested in improving your soccer balls accuracy, in addition to purchasing more intelligent cleats. Shooting on a compact soccer goal is the easiest way to improve your accuracy. You can purchase one of these or make your own soccer goals that are small.

Regardless of what training techniques you decide to use, you won’t be disappointed by an Adidas predator soccer boot on each foot!

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