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Adidas, the manufacturer of Adidas predator pulse soccer cleats, has a new ball

By Robert B.

The Adidas Roteiro, their newest style of soccer ball, is drawing critics from around the world. The ball is metallic in color and has longitudinal and latitudinal black stripes. The ball is the first ever that is not stiched together, but thermally sealed.

But even when using an Adidas predator soccer boot, international players from around the world arenít fans of it. Their first complaint is the ball is hard to see because of itís grayish color. Whatís worse they say is that it moves around unpredicatably in the air, wrecking havoc on goalies trying to block shots. Itís also harder to make a longer, accurate pass.

Many players claim the ball isnít perfectly round, which may be caused by the new method of manufacturing it. This is why they believe the ball doesnít go straight as it should.

Regardless, sales of the Adidas Roteiro soccer balls are up and expected to grow, along with their number one cleats, the Adidas predator pulse. In addition, adidas soccer team jerseys are finding their way into more team locker rooms and on more fans.

But as many players say, they can beat any competitor, regardless of whether they use a new Adidas Roteiro or an older style of ball.

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