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Adidas releases new cleats, the Adidas F50 soccer shoes

By Robert B.

While the most popular line of their soccer cleats are the Adidas predator pulse soccer cleats, a new model is gaining popularity. The Adidas F50 soccer shoes are made for the competitive player.

So what makes these cleats stand out from their other models?

  • Has a front flap to cover the laces entirely of kangaroo leather. Gives a flat, smooth kicking surface.

  • The Adidas FusionFRAME system allows you to mold the soccer boot to fit the exact contours and shape of your feet..

  • TraXion cleats provide stable gripping on any surface.

  • 3 layers of insoles, for adjusting for different game situations.

Adidas has yet to turn out a bad soccer product, and this shoe is no exception. Before you go playing a game with your new shoes, hopefully the Adidas F-50 soccer shoes, you need to learn how to break them in properly.

  • First, go outside in your backyard, soccer field, whatever, as long as itís grass. Try to avoid cold weather or moisture, as itís harder to break the cleats in then.

  • Start off slow by walking. Stop every few feet and try to press the cleat around your foot.

  • Then, start doing some jogs, stopping periodically to mold the cleat around your foot. Repeat this while sprinting.

  • Finally, take some shots on goal.

Do this a few times before any practices or games, and youíll be sure to have your cleats broken in properly! One last thing, do yourself a big favor and check out the Adidas F-50 soccer cleats!

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