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Adidas Elite Soccer Program (ESP) combines with a US Youth Camp

By Robert B.

At the benefit to youth all over, the Adidas Elite Soccer Program combined with the US Youth Soccer Girls Olympic Development Program. These two programs formerly ran at the same time for almost the entire month of July. Now that things have been consolidated, players will have a full week of rest after the training, and before the Olympic team competitions heat up.

Before you go to the Adidas Elite Soccer Program, there is something else you should know. The competition is fierce! The event draws college recruiters and coaches from all over the country, so itís necessary to bring your "A" game. So how can you best prepare yourself for a soccer program of this size?

  • Equipment - Make sure your soccer cleats and equipment are all in good shape. If youíre looking for replacements, I recommend Adidas predator pulse soccer cleats and Lotto shin guards.

  • Eat right - Weeks before the competitions begin, make sure you have a good diet and cut all of the extra junk out. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains. Also keep hydrated, drinking plenty of water every day.

  • Rest - One thing that is more important to the body after a hard workout is rest, more specifically, sleep. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

  • Conditioning - Make sure youíre in the best shape of your life! This process should start months before the Adidas program begins. Run every day, with a good mixture of distance and sprints. And stretch well before and after each run, so that you donít pull anything.

  • Basics - Build upon your basic soccer skills. No coach likes a player that likes to gloat out in the spotlight. Practice your soccer fundamentals until you canít any more!

While doing these things above wonít guarantee youíll do good at the Adidas Elite Soccer Program, they will certainly put you at advantage to the competition!

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