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Play with the best in the Adidas Blue Chip soccer tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio!

By Robert B.

So youíve got your Adidas soccer shorts, Adidas soccer team jerseys, even your socks and Adidas predator pulse soccer cleats. But youíre still missing something, do you know what it is?

No, Iím not talking about something else you wear, but rather something you can compete in; the Adidas blue chip soccer tournament in cincinatti,ohio!

This event occurs around every April and features the best and brightest soccer players around the country. The blue chip tournament attracts roughly 300 college coaches every year, and the matches are staggered so that every team has the devoted attention of the recruiters for half of the match. In addition, each player can only play once a day to ensure peak performance in Cincinnati!

The tournament has limited spaces for exclusively U-17 talent, so be sure to request more information before itís too late to book your teamís spot.

Another event you might want to mark on the calendar includes the Adidas & Disney showcase of soccer. This annual event occurs around Christmas, so youíll have plenty of time off between tournaments!

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