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No preseason soccer training program should be without Diadora mythos 300 da

By Robert B.

Most people will tell you that the most important part of the soccer season is the pre season! Any and every preseason soccer training program should consist of running, running, and more running! A good mixture of sprints and long distance is necessary to build stamina and quick reflexes.

And that is where Diadora mythos 300da come in handy!

While cleats may be sufficient for sprints or suicides on the field, no player wants to run long distance in soccer cleats. They arenít suited for pavement or concrete, and they can become very uncomfortable during constant running. Good running shoes, such as those by Diadora, can make you feel as if youíre running on an pillow of air!

Here is a brief Diadora mythos 300 da review:

  • Breathable mesh exterior to help keep your feet dry and cool

  • Removable insole (so you can replace yours over time)

  • Extra cushion in heel of shoe

For their price, these Mythos by Diadora are a steal! Didadora makes some great soccer gear, and these Mythos running shoes are no exception! Just donít forget your Interno Diadora warmup suit to go with your shoes!

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