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The West coast soccer league is called Premier for a reason!

By Robert B.

If you live on the west coast of the USA or Canada, youíve probably heard of the West coast soccer league, or the West Coast Premier league. This league produces teams with perfect records year after year because they concentrate on the fundamental basics of soccer.

Whether youíre from Pennsylvania, Montana, or even Rhode Island, there are some basic soccer skills no player should be without. These include:

  • Soccer goal shooting training - Learn to improve your soccer balls accuracy to hit your target.

  • Heading on goal drills for soccer - Accurately place the ball wherever you want with a strong header.

  • Soccer conditioning & endurance training - What drills and exercises will improve your stamina and how long you can last on the field.

  • Soccer strength & agility training workout - How to effectively work out so youíre not pushed off the ball time and time again.

  • Soccer goalkeeping training - Goalies require different workouts and skills than your average soccer player.
The West coast soccer league covers all of these aspects to turn any young soccer player into a confident and mature athlete. If you donít live on the west coast, look for other soccer programs and camps that offer these areas to train you our your child.

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