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What should soccer goalie training in Philadelphia have?

By Robert B.

While there may be many options available to you for goalie training in Philadelphia, the question is, what areas should these soccer goalkeeping training programs concentrate on?

Most soccer camps involve goalies, but also other positions as well. The best camps in Philadelphia combine the camps together so that the players challenge each other.

The first thing all keepers should learn is how to avoid soccer goal post injuries. As a goalie you’re constantly diving and jumping near metal posts. Colliding with one of these could be a soccer career threatening, not to mention life threatening injury. Every good goalie has a constant feel for how far the posts are.

More than any other position, every keeper should have a soccer strength and agility training workout. The goalie has the most physical play out of all the players, so he or she must able to withstand physical contact with other players. Good upper body and lower body workouts are a plus to improve your keeper’s abilities.

Once you consider these and get back from your soccer goalie training in Philadelphia or anywhere else, you’ll be one of the best goalies in your league!

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