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Is the Montana youth soccer association right for you?

By Robert B.

Whether you’re interested in the Montana Youth Soccer Association, or other soccer groups, there are many key features that you should consider before you sign your child up.

First, how active are the other soccer moms & dads? You certainly don’t want to be roped into helping the league when no other parents are pulling their weight.

Are there any fundraisers that your child must participate in? Sometimes parents are allowed to write a check instead of have the child sell candy bars. Which would you rather do?

Does your child have friends that are currently in the soccer league? Ask to speak to their parents to get their thoughts of it.

In addition, your child should be learning the following skills in the soccer league. Make sure the soccer association has incorporated these areas:

  • Soccer goal shooting training
  • Heading on goal drills for soccer
  • Soccer conditioning training
  • Good sportsmanship
These skill areas are critical for youth soccer player development, so that they can build upon these areas over time.

If your child is able to learn something in these areas while in the Montana youth soccer association, or any soccer league for that matter, they’ll definitely be ready for the big leagues!

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