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Menís vs. womens professional soccer salaries

By Robert B.

Is there a current injustice between mens and women's professional soccer salaries? Is there any justification in this difference? Letís first start with some figures.

Womenís USA soccer players make about $25,000 - $85,000 per season, while the average is around $40,000. Some original players from the U.S. National soccer team make around double the average. The only issue is that teams have a cap of about $800,000 for salaries.

Professional soccer salaries for the menís are much different. They range from $25,000 to $300,000 per player. The average appears to be around $60,000 per player, with many players earning above and beyond that.

Are these differences between menís and womenís professional soccer salaries justified? On average the menís league does attract more television viewers, along with stadium spectators. Merchandising is also much larger for the MLS than WUSA.

Take it as you like, but until the WUSA league starts to attract more fans, the league is hard pressed to have additional money to pay the players larger salaries. So what can you do if you want this changed? Start actively supporting womens professional soccer by watching games on TV, going to games, and purchasing merchandise. Then you should see their soccer salaries begin to climb!

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