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By Robert B.

While there are many soccer resources out there, nothing comes close to the Big soccer forum and message boards. Their site has everything any soccer enthusiast needs, from soccer equipment at a discount to the history of soccer.

Some of the things youíll be sure to find on the Big soccer forum include:

Soccer training & drills - If youíre looking for new soccer drills to practice for yourself or your team, look no further than the posts at this site, or ask your own questions.

For example, some ideas for drills include soccer conditioning training. Run 2 miles around a quarter-mile track (8 laps), but sprint the straight-aways and jog the curves. This improves your stamina and reaction time.

Also donít forget your soccer strength and agility training workout. This should concentrate on your lower body, mainly your legs and lower back. These two areas are critical to avoid not being pushed off the ball.

The Big Soccer boards will also have tips to improve your soccer balls accuracy and make your own soccer goals to do this (Compact soccer goals work the best and are the easiest to make).

Last, but certainly not least, the Big Soccer forums will help you to find the best soccer supplies and discount prices! The only thing you have to ask yourself is why arenít you there yet?

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