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The Pennsylvania West Soccer Association emphasizes safety on the fields!

By Robert B.

This soccer association in Pennsylvania sets the bar high with great guidelines for soccer safety out on the field. Most soccer teams and rec. leagues rarely devote enough time as they should to preventing injuries out on the game and/or practice field.

The main three categories that are given attention by this soccer association are securing 8 x 24 soccer goals, avoiding lightning strikes, and maintaining proper hydration.

While injuries between players are common, probably the most overlooked injury on the field are soccer goal post injuries. This can be caused by running into the pole on a diving header, kicking the pole, or the goalie clipping the pole while trying to block a goal. In addition, if a goal is not properly secured, it can easily tip over on players, breaking any bones that get between the goal and the ground. Make sure your players donít hang from the goal is the easiest way to avoid an issue. But if a large wind gust comes along, it make be knocked over. Make sure all stakes are placed, especially after they are often forget after the goal is moved for mowing. Every coach in the Pennsylvania West State Soccer Association should know how to properly secure a goal.

Next, lightning can pose a serious threat to you and your players if the proper precautions arenít taken. If sudden thunderstorms appear, get as far as you can from all metal objects, tall trees., and still water. Find a low spot or seek shelter immediately.

Finally, hydration should be a priority for the players in Pennsylvania or anywhere in the world as well. Plenty of fluids is the easiest way to avoid dehydration and potentially having a heat stroke. Be sure to learn the signs for heat stroke, such as dilated pupils, pale skin, cool sweat, clammy skin texture and more.

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