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By Robert B.

Almost anyone involved in collegiate or competitive soccer knows that the west coast soccer leagues are notorious for producing excellent soccer players and teams. From BC Soccer (British Colombia) to Oregon State, many excellent soccer programs are available.

In addition to playing like the best you can dress like them too! There are many different types of Beaver soccer gear you can get from them, but here are some suggestions you might not have thought of!

At your practices you could wear jerseys or at least shorts from the Oregon State Beaver soccer program. You can also find Beaver soccer bags to hold all of your gear in while youíre on or off the field.

Hooded sweatshirts or "hoodies" are the perfect gift for teenagers, soccer players and non-soccer players alike. You can wear these while youíre lounging at home or on the bench at the next game

A matching toboggan would look great with your hooded sweatshirt, or wear it by itself anytime of the year. This is probably the cheapest type of Oregon State Beaver soccer gear you can find. And be sure to look around online for Beaver soccer equipment at a discount, deals are to be found everywhere!

Whether youíre going to have a night on the town, going to a local soccer game, or simply at practice, Oregon State soccer apparel will make you look good and be comfortable too! Now once you dress like a Beaver soccer player, you better improve your soccer game or you donít deserve to wear their clothes!

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