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United States youth soccer in Nevada is growing!

By Robert B.

And across the rest of the United States as well! If youíre a soccer parent or know one, then you know the demands the sport brings in time commitment and cost. Before you hit the field, you would be cheating your child if you donít consider the following things:

Soccer training and drills - Unless your child is a toddler, some soccer camps and drills outside the normal league may help improve their skills. Donít force them to do it thought, because this will take any enjoyment they may have in soccer away.

Essential equipment for soccer youth - Before hitting the field, whether in Nevada or anywhere else, there is some essential equipment every player should have. Some examples include lotto shin guards, replacement soccer cleats, soccer ball, and clothing (soccer shorts, shirts, and socks).

Rules - Make sure your child understands the most basic rules, such as no handballs and you must play inside the lines (youíll be surprised how many kids donít know this when they start). The other, more complicated rules will come in time with experience.

Once your child hits the field as part of the United States Youth Soccer program, theyíll be confident and feel proud in what they are a part of! No go out there and have fun, but donít be the parents that overreact and shout the entire game!

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