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How to become the best juggler of soccer balls

By Robert B.

So are you looking for some soccer training and drills to become a better juggler of soccer balls? There are plenty of drills you can do with yourself or with other people to improve your juggling skills.

First, what type of soccer balls are you using? You standard soccer ball, such as molten soccer balls are regulation size, so you could always juggle those. But you want to challenge yourself, right? Huffy mini soccer balls may actually prove to me more of a challenge, so when you think youíve become an excellent soccer balls juggler, consider changing your ball size.

The drills by yourself are simple enough. You can simply start juggling the ball using all of your body, or pick an area, such as thighs, feet, or head, and only touch the ball with that part.

You can even do this with a partner. Juggle the ball back and forth only using one body part that you pick. Another common idea is to use a wall if you donít have a partner available.

Practicing to juggle soccer balls has proven to improve your foot-eye coordination and increase your ball dribbling abilities. The only thing you have to ask yourself is why you havenít become an excellent soccer balls juggler sooner?

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