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The Section V Soccer Handbook is a great resource for any soccer program!

By Robert B.

The New York Public Soccer Association has put together a great resource for their Section V Soccer League. There soccer handbook discusses everything from instructions for coaches to league contacts and other important dates.

Some of the coach’s instructions include what supplies the home needs to provide, types of game soccer balls, and advancement procedures if the game happens to be tied at the end of regulation play.

In addition, more information can be found about the tournament procedures, yellow card policies, and much more information to guide the playing of soccer in this league.

Besides being in the Section V Soccer league in New York, how can these guidelines influence you? Whether you’re from Pennsylvania, Idaho, Montana, or any other place with a soccer program, these rules from Section V Soccer in New York can help to modify your current league rules or help to create a new league.

One thing I felt was lacking from these guidelines is training that every player should experience while in the league. This should include instructions for, in my opinion:

  • Soccer goal shooting training
  • Heading on goal drills for soccer
  • Soccer strength and agility training workout
  • Soccer conditioning and endurance training
  • Preseason soccer training program
  • Soccer goalkeeping training
By covering these categories, the league can ascertain that every player receives an equal chance out on the field. The only thing you have left to do is check out the Section V Soccer Handbook here and get some ideas!

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