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Improve your shots with soccer goal shooting training

By Robert B.

Many people will ask themselves"What soccer player has scored the most goals?" The answer is probably someone you’ve known all along, Pelé of Tres Coracos, Brazil. He scored some 1,279 goals over a career of 21 years. He lead his Brazilian team to 3 World Cup Championships as well.

Now you’re probably asking how you can be the next soccer player that has scored the most goals! Here are some training areas that you should definitely concentrate on:

Soccer goal shooting training - Improve your soccer balls accuracy by regularly practicing your shots. A compact soccer goal can help fine tune your accuracy. You can make your own soccer goals for this purpose or buy a smaller one.

Heading on goal drills for soccer - Most players lack in this area. Make sure you learn good offensive and defensive heading strategies.

Soccer endurance and conditioning training - This should be a part of every preseason soccer training program. If you can last longer than the other players, then your odds of winning have greatly increased!

Soccer strength and agility training workout - Every soccer team should have a weight lifting program. Increasing your strength in your legs and lower back will keep you from being pushed off the ball.

Improving upon your soccer skills every day is the best way to join the ranks of Pelé and set new records for soccer goals scored!

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