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Who’s who in the history of soccer?

By Robert B.

While you can’t really answer the question “who invented soccer” you can put some dates on important events in the history of soccer. Here are some important dates and other soccer info in regards to the history of soccer:
  • Ancient Greeks and Romans played a soccer type game

  • 2nd - 3rd centuries BC - Evidence of Chinese military kicking a ball into a net

  • 8th century - Soccer gained popularity in England and Scotland, but with more fierce competition than is known today.

  • 1300-1400 - England attempted to pass laws to ban football because of it’s early violence.

  • 1815 - First rules of of soccer established at Eton College in England.

  • 1863 - Soccer and Rugby split as new soccer rules are finalized

  • 1880’s - Soccer is named “Soccer” by Charles Wreford Brown at Oxford University.

  • 1888 - Founding of English Football League

It is very apparent that soccer has been around for some time, in various forms or another! Before the Soccer – Rugby split, it was legal to carry the ball and to kick an opponents shins on purpose in Soccer! Other rules were later to come, such as off-sides.

And the rest is history, the history of soccer that is!

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