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An essential guide to soccer positions!

By Robert B.

Whether you're an experience coach, a new one, or just an avid player, sometimes you just forget your soccer positions. Either that, or you're looking for new ideas and formations to make for your team. Here is a brief summary of the most essential soccer positions and what their jobs are:


  • Goalkeeper - Naturally every team wants a goalkeeper. You can always substitute your goalkeeper for another offensive player in the last few minutes of the game if your team is down by a point or two.

  • Sweeper - This is the last line of defense. He or she should play behind the two fullbacks, in the center of the field. It is their job to manage the defense and make sure everyone is marked up.

  • Left fullback - Defender that plays on the left side of the field.

  • Right fullback - Same as the above, but on the right side.

  • Stopper - This is a center fullback that plays slightly farther up field from the other two fullbacks. The defense as a whole in this set up should form a diamond.

  • Left midfielder - plays in the left-center of the field just in front of the stopper. This position plays both offense and defense and requires a LOT of running to get back and forth.

  • Right midfielder - same as the other midfielder, except plays on the right-center.

  • Left wing - This player lines up on the far left side of the field at the mid-field mark. Strictly offender, although can come back and help the left side.

  • Right wing - Same as the above position except on the right side.

  • Strikers - Two strikers should manage the offensive effort and should generally always play offense. Always leave at least one striker on the offensive side of the field at all times. This two play infront of the two midfielders, in the center of the field.

Now all you need are some 8 x 24 soccer goals, soccer teams shirts, and some soccer training drills and you'll have yourself a team!

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