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How to increase your soccer balls accuracy

By Robert B.

Not every person who touches a soccer ball has excellent soccer balls accuracy. I'm betting most, if not all players must work hard to increase their accuracy. And there will still be that occasional time that a ball is aimed in the upper left corner of the goal, but goes into the bottom right corner! Or you always manage kick it directly at the keeper no matter how hard you try not to!

There are many soccer goal shooting training techniques the professionals use to improve their skills. Yes, the pros must practice too! Here are some ideas to improve your shooting accuracy for the big games, when the shots really count:

If given the time to prepare, most people can kick an accurate soccer ball. But the game does not have many moments like this, you must make split second decisions. Try using a rebounding soccer goal to work on this. Treat each rebound as a live ball and keep shooting until you're too tired to go on!

A compact soccer goal is a great way to improve the accuracy of your soccer balls. They force you to keep your shots on the ground and accurate.

If you have access to any soccer goals smaller than 8 x 24 soccer goals (professional regulation size) such as at rec. fields, use them. They will give you game like settings, but on a smaller scale.

Lastly, to improve your soccer balls accuracy, use a standard 8 x 24 goal, but divide it into four quadrants using tape, rope, anything. Then pick one and shoot for it!

Using these tips won't make you a pro, but it's certain to improve the accuracy of your soccer balls!

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