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Soccer goalkeeping training can make you the best keeper on the field

By Robert B.

Whether you're an introductory player, or a veteran on the field, some more soccer goalkeeping training could never hurt! Every player on the field is practicing to become even better and better. There is no exception to this rule for goalkeeping. If you don't practice and pursue more training, you will be left behind!

The first thing you should do is outfit yourself with the best goalkeeping equipment you can afford. Don't break the bank, but do prepare yourself. Look for a good breathable goalie jersey, or you'll be burning up and sweaty the entire game. Also don't forget some good fingersave gloves, I prefer adidas fingersave ultra titanium goalie gloves. Don't forget good soccer cleats either!

Once you're outfitted, it's time to train! Big soccer goals, such as 8 x 24 soccer goals work the best. They force the goalie to dive and have realistic areas to protect.

Simply shooting by the team is a great way to train. The goalie and palm the shoots back to the shooter as a rebound, and then prepare to catch or block the next shot. This drill increases speed and response time.

Another goal to use is a rebounding soccer goal. The goalie can take shots into it the net himself, or have a teammate do this. Then the goalkeeper should be facing the same direction that the ball is being kicked. The rebound off the net will now come in the goalies direction, requiring a quick reaction.

In addition, get used to your box if you want to avoid soccer goal post injuries. Now think about these basic goalie tips and you'll be ready for the most rigorous soccer goalkeeping training program available, even some of the best in Philadelphia!

Also see equipment for soccer youth for more details.

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