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What should you be looking for in soccer training in Bergen county, NJ?

By Robert B.

There is many different soccer training programs in Bergen county, New Jersey, from young squirts to senior players. But before you decide on a camp to give your money, here are some categories every camp should address.

Soccer goal shooting training - Every player wants to improve their soccer balls accuracy, but how should you approach it? Camps should make use of 8 x 24 soccer goals for large games, but for small scrimmages, a compact soccer goal is the best to improve accuracy. You can even make your own soccer goals to practice with before you go.

Heading on goal drills for soccer - This is one of the weakest areas for most players because they donít know which part of their head to use and how much force needs to be applied.

Soccer conditioning training - If you want to outlast and outplay the other players, then soccer endurance training is a must! Good drills include running around a track for 2 miles, but while sprinting the straight-aways and jogging the curves.

Soccer goalkeeping training - Most good soccer training in Bergen county offer camps for goalies. Here you should learn how to properly dive and avoid soccer goal post injuries while covering the most area of your goal.

Soccer strength and agility training workout - This is an often neglected area of most soccer training camps. A good weight lifting program can keep you from being pushed off the ball and also build up some kicking strength. The lower back and legs should be concentrated on the most.

Once you decide on a camp or soccer training program, stick with it! You may just become the best soccer player in Bergen county or wherever else you play!

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