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Improve your team with a soccer strength and agility training workout

By Robert B.

No team is perfect and should always be working towards improvement. Most programs are too busy working on heading on goal drills, goal shooting, and conditioning training that they often neglect strength building. Teams that have good skills canít control the ball if they are weak and get pushed off it at every confrontation on the field.

There are many workout programs available, but most arenít developed specifically for a soccer program.

Any good soccer strength and agility training workout should concentrate on the lower back and legs. Some upper body training does not hurt, but this should not be your sole concentration.

These should be utilized before a practice for the best results. Generally at the end of a practice players will be too fatigued to push themselves in the weight room.

Squats and deadlifts are great for working these areas, but start off light! Some soccer players have never lifts weights like this, so you donít want them to strain or pull a muscle before a big game. Because soccer is an endurance sport, you should concentrate on longer reps as opposed to more weight.

No strength training program is perfect, but in order to know what parts to train, itís impossible to know how to! Now go hit the gym and look forward to more powerful shots and less lost balls.

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