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Soccer conditioning training is an essential part of any soccer program

By Robert B.

A typical soccer game consists of a lot of slow jogging and motions to get into position, then bursts of speed when your competition expects it the least. It is this change in motion and speed that allows breakaways and good moves. Here are some ideas of soccer conditioning training that every team should try:

Run 2 miles - Yes, this may seem basic on the surface, but itís different than you think. Have your team or yourself do labs around the track, preferably a quarter mile track. They are to sprint the straight-aways and jog the curves. This is great soccer endurance training for any team, because it helps develop quick sprinting while fatigued.

Cross country run - A general cross country run can do wonders for your conditioning, and is an excellent preseason soccer training program to get people back into shape before hitting the field. Make sure the course has plenty of hills, but not treacherous terrain. You want healthy hearts, not sprained ankles.

Suicides - A classic drill that always seems to whip teams into shape. It not only reinforces sprinting, but quick changes in direction.

Those three drills will address most aspects of soccer conditioning training. Always focus on the goal of training your players for the game, you donít want them to get hurt before a big match.

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