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Score more with heading on goal drills for soccer

By Robert B.

One thing every preseason soccer training program should not be without is good heading exercises, even for all soccer positions, not just offensive ones. You’d be surprise how often defenders can clear a ball or deflect a kick with a good header.

By practicing heading the ball, you’ll be able to increase your soccer balls accuracy. All you need is plenty of practice and you’ll have it in no time! You’ll also learn how to avoid soccer goal post injuries by properly heading the ball.

A practice heading on goal drills for soccer include:

  • Partner head the ball back and forth to each other standing up and kneeling down on both their knees.
  • Small 5 vs. 5 game that only allows scoring by headers
  • Place kicks and corner kicks only allowing heading to score.
  • Another good drill is to simply juggle the ball by only heading, or making every 3 touch a required head.
Also, believe it or not, but heading is some of the best soccer goalkeeping training. It causes the goalie to work on their reaction time and coordination because headers are generally deflected in a direction the goalie is not moving.

By making headers a part of all your practices, you’ll be sure to increase everyone’s abilities, including the goalies!

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