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B.C. soccer codes are good for the game!

By Robert B.

The BC soccer club and other teams follow the FIFA fair play rules. Without these ethics set in place, games would be chaos with no meaning. Here is a rough summer of the B.C. soccer codes.

Play to Win - Never go into a competition planning to lose. You’re wasting other people’s time.

Play the game fair - Do not cheat whenever you are being watched or not. Cheating only spoils the wins and victories.

Follow the game rules - Although soccer only has a few rules, obey them all. This helps you to play better and keeps the game full of spirit.

Respect everyone involved - Treat others as you want to be treated. This includes the other team, referees, and fans.

Accept Defeat - No one can win every game. Congratulate the winners and do better next time.

Promote Soccer - This is the world’s most popular game! Keep it that way by spreading the news about it and getting others interested.

Resist corruption - Avoid drugs, violence, racism, and other dangers that give soccer a bad image. Also help other to resist this corruption.

Influences - Denounce those to give soccer a bad name, while commending those to spread the good word of soccer!

These B.C. soccer codes are not complicated in any way, shape, or form. The make a great guide to live your life by as well, whether you’re from BC (British Colombia) Canada or half way across the world!

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