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Is the BC soccer club right for you or your child?

By Robert B.

Many people near British Colombia, Canada, or possibly other places worldwide have heard of the BC soccer club. This consists of one of the areas largest soccer programs, and probably one of the best in all of North America!

And the bc soccer complex is state of the art. Every child that has an opportunity to play in it should be grateful! But before you get involved, here are some things you and your child should do to prepare:

Know the BC soccer codes like the back of your hand. These codes help to preserve friendly competition out of the field.

Have good equipment for soccer youth. Make sure you have the right shin guards, soccer cleats, and clothing. A good bag and soccer ball wouldn’t hurt either!

Know the best soccer training and drills. Have some experience before you hit the field in these extra camps and programs. The competition is stiff, so be prepared!

And most important of all, have fun on the field! Soccer in British Colombia (B.C.) Canada is a fun experience, especially on a BC club team, so enjoy every part of it!

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