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Vegas gold soccer uniforms are perfect for practicing!

By Robert B.

Practice soccer uniforms are a great way to improve your teams passing, shooting, and defending abilities by forcing them to play themselves. Using two colors of mesh or practice jerseys, such as blue and Vegas gold soccer uniforms, you can easily separate your team into two competing groups.

Once you get your practice jerseys you need some games to play and improve your players skills. Here are a couple ideas.

5 vs. 5 Game Ė This is simple, yet effective. You can use the entire field, but using half of it works better. If you want to emphasize team passing and coordination, then use compact soccer goals and only allow kicks on the ground to count.

Defense vs. Offense Ė Using only half of the field and an 8 x 24 soccer goal with a keeper, you match your defense vs. your offense. This is a great technique for building the skills all players need in their respective positions.

If you donít have vegas gold soccer uniforms, you do have other options available to you. You can utilize used soccer jerseys from years past as scrimmage jerseys, or purchase some cheap discontinued soccer uniforms just for inter team scrimmages.

Regardless of what you decide, once you have dedicated practice uniforms or jerseys, youíre closer to perfecting your teamís skills.

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