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Score satin soccer shorts make great teen boy soccer shorts!

By Robert B.

Whether youíre a coach looking for discontinued soccer uniforms, or just a player that has an interest, score stain soccer shorts are some of the best available. But since youíre purchasing them for a teen boy, there are some things you might want to consider.

Teenagers donít want short shorts! You probably know this by now, but if you donít, now you know! Purchasing shorts that are too short will easily make you the worst enemy of your players. You donít want to purchase them so they look like toddler soccer shorts on your teenagers, but you wonít want them too long or theyíll be getting caught up in them on quick moves. Even with the knee is a good length to shoot for.

Avoid white shorts at all costs! The only thing they are good for is attracting grass stains and being see through.

Drawstrings are another often neglected item. Make sure they are of good quality or theyíll rip easily and leave the soccer shorts useless. Score satin soccer shorts have great drawstrings in their shorts.

Also, if youíre on a budget, you could always look for umbro soccer shorts or discontinued nike soccer shorts which may be a little cheaper. You can also save money by purchasing one color of soccer shorts for both home and away games.

And last of all, good luck on the field! You or your players have just found a new pair of lucky shorts!

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