Measuring Goalie Gloves
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Learn about measuring goalie gloves for soccer

By Robert B.

Before you start your next soccer goalkeeping training, youíve got to have the right equipment, including everything from lotto shin guards to goalie gloves. But first you must do some measuring of goalie gloves to make sure they fit properly.

So here is how you measure sizes for goalie gloves.

Open your hand, palm facing you. Then measure around the widest part of your palm that is above your thumb. Make sure you donít include your thumb in the measurements.

Then add one inch to this measurement.

Finally, round up to the nearest whole number.

So say your hand is 9.25 inches around, adding 1 inch gives 10.25, then finally round up to 11. So 11 is the size of your goalie gloves.

Here is a brief goalie glove size chart
Glove Size  Hand Measurement
4 up to 3in
5 3in - 4in
6 4in - 5in
7 5in - 6in
8 6in - 7in
9 7in - 8in
10 8in - 9in
11 9in - 10in

After measuring goalie gloves, youíll have to decide which type you want. Definitely get ones with fingersaver technology, such as they adidas fingersave ultra titanium goalie gloves.

Now hit the field and enjoy your new goalie gloves!

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