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Save your team money with used soccer jerseys

By Robert B.

It seems that soccer uniforms keep getting more and more expensive, with no solution in sight. If we knew the factories prices for soccer jerseys we’d probably be in an outrage! After discontinued soccer uniforms, the next cheapest alternative are gently used soccer jerseys. And these don’t have to be torn and stained uniforms either, which is what most people think. This can be anything from a cancelled order to a team that wore their jerseys only a couple games.

Here are some things you should look for in used uniforms before you buy any:

Length of use – How long were the jerseys used and for what purpose? Games? Scrimmages? Practice?

Defects – Do the uniforms have any noticeable stains or defects on them? What about any tears or fading?

Returned – Why were the jerseys returned in the first place? If the seller won’t tell you, take your business someplace else.

How many – Most people disregard this question. Do you get a complete set of visitors and home jerseys? Are there any numbers missing?

Be sure to research the company that manufactured the jerseys you want to buy, regardless of who is selling them to you. You may just uncover that the manufacture makes a poor product.

Whether you’re looking for discontinued nike soccer shorts or just regular used soccer jerseys, be sure to keep these tips in mind you’ll get a better deal on team uniforms!

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