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Take soccer balls to autograph to the game

By Robert B.

Before you go to your next game, be sure to have soccer balls to autograph with you! Many teams hold autograph sessions immediately following the game, so be prepared. But you donít want to juggle carrying around a full size soccer ball along with your drink and hot dog! Smaller soccer balls do wonders for getting autographs, and can be easily displayed in smaller cases.

Some various ideas of soccer balls to autograph include:

Huffy mini soccer balls - These arenít just for practicing your juggling anymore! These are small enough to hold in a large pocket, so you donít have to worry about carrying it around or dropping it after you have it signed!

Personalized soccer balls - Ever consider getting custom made soccer balls with the player on it that you want to autograph the ball? Talk about a collectors item!

After you get your autographs, hereís how to use them:

Autographs for the kids - Give your child a keepsake they will cherish for years! Makes a great birthday gift.

Sell it on ebay - Everyone and their grandmothers are selling things on ebay. Try it out!

Keep it - Why not just keep it for yourself in a nice case!

Autographed memorabilia makes a great gift for your loved ones, or simply to add to your collection! If youíre a soccer fan, you may lose an opportunity if you go to the game without autograph soccer balls!

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