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Surprise your little ones or coach with personalized soccer balls!

By Robert B.

There are plenty of ways to surprise those people in your life that love soccer, but the unique gifts are the ones that get remembered for years to come! Soccer tickets make a great gift, but itís sometimes hard to purchase tickets for someone if you donít know if theyíre doing anything that day or not. Personalized soccer balls may just be the answer to your problem.

You have a couple options on what you can do for a gift like this. Either you can look for custom made soccer balls that are produced by individual businesses, or you can craft one yourself.

Custom made soccer balls can usually have panels created with pictures and engrained ink and type. This is excellent for giving a thank you gift to a coach by placing the teamís picture on the ball. If this is for an individual, you could have only their photo and name placed on the ball.

Another idea is to purchase huffy mini soccer balls for the coach or child, and personalize it yourself. If the gift is for a coach, you could have the players sign the ball and/or put their own messages on it! Any coach is guarantee to like it! If it is for a child, you can write them notes or message in the sections on the ball, or other information about their soccer career, such as previous teams theyíve played on.

And lastly, donít play with them! These soccer balls that you personalize are only meant to be on display, not have grass stain on them!

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