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Molten soccer balls are perfect retro soccer balls!

By Robert B.

Whether youíre looking for molten soccer balls for yourself or a team, they are a great choice and are not expensive! These soccer balls are very traditional, so chances are that your players will be familiar with them and play well with them. Although these molten soccer balls arenít expensive at all, there are some things you should consider before getting one.

Most of these soccer balls come with a PVC coating, which gives I it a shiny appearance. But these arenít ideal game balls, especially for wet conditions or short grass. Although this coating is an effective waterproofing agent, it has negative affects as well. These often skip very badly on water, making it hard to trap. They are also a harder soccer ball because of this protective coating.

But regardless, they still make great soccer balls that last a very long time. They are perfect for practices for all teams and age groups.

Before you make a purchase, be sure to shop around. You can easily find these molten soccer balls for less than $10 a piece, and possibly even get a discount when you buy a bunch for a team or league.

Now get some soccer balls and hit the field!

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