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Indoor felt soccer balls are perfect for indoor leagues and teams

By Robert B.

Whether you’re an avid soccer player, or just an occasional one, indoor felt soccer balls are a necessity. If you’ve ever played indoor soccer you know how exciting it can be. It’s a combination of hockey and soccer, which has far less players per team.

Here’s a couple things to consider before getting a special soccer ball for an indoor league:

Size - Does the indoor league play with a regulation size ball, or a slightly smaller one? Most indoor team use FIFA regulation size balls, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Ask around - There are many different types and brands of indoor felt soccer balls. Ask around, see what your friends recommend. This is the best way to shop for soccer balls.

Quality - Use the internet to research reviews on the quality of the ball. You certainly don’t want it falling apart right after you start using it, you want to get your money’s worth, right?

Another good item to consider is if you really need special indoor felt soccer balls. Some leagues use regular cow leather soccer balls, while some require special ones. It all depends on your league, so check first!

Indoor soccer is fun, but challenging as well. It is more of an independent effort than a team, allow it does require teamwork. Using the right equipment and soccer balls for indoor is half the battle, you have these and you’ve already won!

For more information on equipment for soccer youth go here!

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