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Are cow leather soccer balls right for you?

By Robert B.

Some of the very first soccer balls were cow leather soccer balls, but these are becoming a rarity today. More companies are coming out with hi-tech soccer balls that perform better and last longer in any conditions. But some of us prefer the feel that a soccer ball made of leather provides. Before you go out and buy one, here are some things to consider.

If you plan on using this ball in games, check with your league to see what size of ball is used for different age groups. If not, buy which ever ball youíre used to or like the best.

Check the material of the ball to be certain! Many manufacturers sell synthetic cow leather soccer balls, and it may not be obvious at first. Be sure to read in depth and the fine print as well. You may have to get custom made soccer balls out of cow leather.

Is the ball waterproof? Most leather balls donít come from the factory as waterproof, while sometimes the manufacturer ads a protective coating to prevent this.

Does the ball come with a warranty just in case if it goes flat or deforms shortly after you purchase it?

Lastly, ask your friends and teammates! Which ball do they prefer and have used over the years. Youíll be sure to have a great soccer ball and a great time!

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