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Get a player’s signature on autograph soccer balls

By Robert B.

The dream of any child or diehard fan is to get their favorite player’s autograph. Autograph soccer balls can have many uses as well: you can give them as gifts, sell them, or simply keep them for yourself. But before you go to the game you’ve must have a soccer ball in hand, but there are many shapes and sizes to choose. Here are some soccer balls to autograph to help spark your imagination:

Huffy mini soccer balls - These make perfect balls to have the pros sign. They are easy to take to the game because they aren’t big, and they’re easy to display at home in a small case.

Custom made soccer balls - Another option is to have a soccer ball (regulation size or mini) customized with a picture or logo of the player or team you want to sign the ball. Some stadiums sell these as well, or you may have to have one custom made. Keep in mind that these personalized soccer balls may be a little pricey, and you’re not guaranteed to get the players autograph.

FIFA or MLS regulation soccer balls - This is a another great option! Simply get a regulation ball and have that signed. This looks professional and sharp!

Once you get some autograph soccer balls you can either put them on display in your house, give them to someone as a gift, or sell them at a sports shop. I actually recommend that you check out eBay first, because you’re more likely to get more for your ball!

And good luck getting those autographs!

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