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Adidas soccer cleats can make you the best of the best

By Robert B.

Every soccer player has probably used or at least heard of Adidas soccer cleats. If you havenít then you must have been living in a cave! But not all Adidas soccer cleats are the same. Before you go out and buy a pair, there are some things you definitely have to consider.

The bottom of the cleats can be molded or removable studs. Beginners should always use molded bottoms, and even older players. If youíll be playing mainly in wet and tall grass conditions, removable studs may give you an advantage in these circumstances.

Also consider the material of your soccer shoes. Younger players should definitely be using synthetic material. These cleats are generally water proof, easier to clean, and last much longer. Kangaroo leather, or regular leather, are what most experience players prefer. This material does allow some water to soak through, but it molds to your feet and gives a softer feel.

Some of their most popular models on the market include adidas dx-3 soccer cleats, predator cleats, and many more! Also, if their cleats donít meet your expectations look at Puma and Baliston soccer cleats.

Once you get your Adidas soccer cleats picked out, then hit the field!

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